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Shopping for a wedding venue?

🥂Guest capacity- What is your guest count? Make sure the venue can accommodate your guests!

🥂Location: Consider how far you and your guest have to travel to the venue. Is it far enough that hotel accommodations are necessary? Regardless, you have to consider travel time between your getting ready location (if not onsite) and the venue. This is very important to add to your wedding timeline.

🥂Amenities: Does the venue have a bathroom onsite or do you have to rent a portable bathroom? What is the parking situation? Is there a getting ready room? Does the venue offer decor items and/or furniture. If so, is it included or do you have to rent them? These are just a few examples that can impact your budget.

🥂Hours: Timing is everything! You want to make sure you have time for all parts of your wedding day, including clean up! Research available rental hours- some offer more!

🥂Space: Depending on your preference to have the ceremony and/or reception outside, research if the venue has an alternative option for when the weather does not cooperate.

🥂Rules: Not all venues have the same rules. I recommend making a list of your pros and cons of rules as it will save you time! An example of a rule is when a venue requires that vendors are hired from their preferred list. For some, that is convenient and can make wedding planning easy. But for some, that is a hard no.

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