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Wedding Decor Set Up Tips

Remove tags

This is a tedious and time consuming task. Think about how long it takes to peel off a tag from a glass candle and how frustrating it is when it doesn’t peel off completely. Now imagine having to do that on your big day! So, I would recommend removing tags from ALL decor!

Label decor boxes

Clearly label what decor is in each boxes and where it goes. This will allow you to set up faster.

Prep candles

When you buy new candles, the wicks are typically stuck to the candle. Sounds silly, but… pulling the wick up beforehand is a time saver!

Assemble decor before the big day

Assembly takes time. Plus, you want to be able to fix any issues you may encounter with assembly.

Photos of staged decor for reference

In order to execute your vision, having a picture of your decor set up for reference is helpful. For example, a picture of your table centerpiece design.

Designate someone to take personal decor home

Ask for help! Designating someone to take your personal decor home will allow you to continue to enjoy your evening!

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